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Wireless LAN
Our WSA takes a detailed look at existing wireless network deployments and the variety of security risks that are commonly found when using this new and primarily unproven technology. The analysis and report given at the conclusion of this service provides the knowledge required to best secure the Wireless network(s) against today's high tech criminals.

The Wireless Security Assessment can also be employed by companies planning to utilize wireless technology in the future and desire to enter into this new realm with the full understanding of security and how to best keep their network private.

This security service provides a variety of test and assessment technologies to include:
  • Analysis of physical wireless LAN perimeter. If the WLAN extends outside of the physical building, then it is very susceptible to extended range eavesdropping through the use of various techniques.
  • Testing of existing security utilized with the WLAN in an attempt to prevent successful eavesdropping such as WEP, DMZ enforcement, and other current strategies.
  • Analysis of network traffic that utilizes the WLAN for transport to see if it exceeds the client's understanding of accepted use.
  • Testing for the existence of potential rogue (unauthorized) WLAN devices which effectively create Trojan access points or other vulnerabilities.
  • Additional testing on client systems that are portable and could voluntarily offer up unauthorized network access to valuable resources due to poor planning and/or configuration.
A Wireless Security Assessment from Hycom provides a detailed overview of existing security vulnerabilities within a clients’ Wireless deployment that could potentially be used in attacks and exploitation. Our Consultants can also provide insight into developing threats and as yet undisclosed vulnerabilities. This assessment is conducted using a mix of open source / commercial tools, as well as our consultants’ expert knowledge and significant depth of experience.
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